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    We take an independent approach to product design, with a focus on freedom and exclusivity. Our formulas are created in-house, and our products are made entirely by hand in our workshop in Cape Town. 

    We hope to create a compassionate and inspiring atmosphere through Damp that celebrates the beauty of nature and variety while also encouraging people to move forward in a more responsible style of life.

    Our ingredients come from the earth – plants, minerals, and elements.


    Offering a line of hair, body, and bath products created with plant-based ingredients, minerals, and botanical extracts that honor our relationship with the natural world. Our objective is to employ a creative approach that redefines and shakes up the standards of natural beauty by providing high-performance products that we want to use every day. Our formulas are sophisticated yet minimalist, combining the best of nature to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience rooted in sensory exploration and awakening. We believe that it is natural to want your hair, skin, and body to feel good, but quick fixes and expectations of instant results will not get us there. Taking care of oneself is something that should be practiced daily. It entails becoming aware of our own bodies' rhythms as well as the rhythms of the world around us. It implies being present in the moment to establish a healthier foundation for the future. 

    We believe in the natural world's healing synergy. Our ingredients, plants, and minerals are all sourced from the earth and contain no hazardous petrochemicals or toxins. When feasible, we employ organic botanicals, and our formulas adhere to the most demanding clean beauty standards. Damp caters to people of all genders, races, and ages. Nothing is designed with a specific customer in mind. We create for everybody.